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Kate B., Potential Resident

I am a potential resident hoping to reside at one of the Torrey Pines properties in the San Diego area. I would LOVE to live here at any one of their properties. I’ve been calling around looking for an apartment for MONTHS! And it turns out that the properties that have been answering my calls and responding to me, have all been Torrey Pines! I talked with the manager over at Bridgeview, Trade Winds, Dominguez Way, and two others, and they were all wonderful!! To top it off, I called the corporate office today and got a hold of the receptionist, Lailahni. She was very sweet and patient with me. I had many questions about multiple properties, and she set me up with a tour for all of them. She even took all my information down and sent me an email afterwards to make sure I was all set with all the information. She is an absolute pleasure! I continued to look around, and when I found out they all belonged to the same company it all made sense! 🙂 I’ve been looking for an apartment in the San Diego area for about 2 months now. It has been frustrating trying to find a place to live, especially with 99.9% of the places I call and am interested in, never call me back or always force me to go online to their website which doesn’t even answer my questions. I am so happy with the Torrey Pines customer service and hope that I can become a resident with them soon. If they take care of potential residents like this, I can only imagine how they treat their current residents. Thank you Torrey Pines!! 🙂 I am looking forward to my tours.

Joey R., Resident at Dominguez Way Apartments

I’m a current resident at Dominguez Way apartments located in El Cajon. I’ve been here for a few months and it’s been pretty great. And the Resident Manager, Cameron, is the best. He’s always walking around and cleaning up around the place. Real genuine dude who takes pride in his work. Very helpful and very kind. I would recommend this place to my friends.

Sandra R., Resident at Casa Parks Apartments

I live at Casa Parks Apartments and I absolutely love it! Gabby is the resident manager and she is the best! She is always attentive to ensure the complex is clean, quick to respond and so easy to talk to! I will definitely recommend Torrey Pines to my friends in the future.

Shamia C., Resident at Brightwood Apartments

I am currently a new resident at one of Torrey Pines Property Management properties and, I must say, I am very happy with everything. The property manager, Robert Cortez, was very friendly, professional, and patient and made my apartment process very smooth. I am happy with the new apartment and happy I chose to go with TPPM. Out of all the property management companies, I must say, so far this is by far one of the best. Very happy and excited for my new place.

Nico P., Resident at Brookvale Apartments

I have really enjoyed working with the great professionals at Torrey Pines Property Management. Jon Silva and LaDona Hadley are so helpful and very responsive. I am glad to be a tenant of theirs and highly recommend their professional services. Brookvale Apartments are very nice and well maintained. It has been a pleasure to be there.

Melissa K., Resident at Villa Del Sol Apartments

All I can say is “Wow! I couldn’t have possibly asked for a better first apartment on my own!” Moving all the way from the East Coast, moving can be a very exciting yet stressful time. From the moment I stepped in the leasing office, Jacque and all the staff of Villa Del Sol Apartments made me feel this was definitely my new home! Not only did Jacque take the time out of her schedule to show me around, she was so friendly and honest about the property and the tenants I would call my neighbors. When I first moved in to my studio, the room was completely clean and I had absolutely no trouble settling in. I can’t rave enough about all the people on the property! The staff including Nacho are always ready to help out with any maintenance issues (not that I’ve had any), and the other tenants thus far have been so kind and welcoming. I have just upgraded to a 1 bedroom, and I have absolutely fallen in love with my new apartment! Brand new appliances, tile, paint job, it’s just perfect! If you are looking for a great place to call home, don’t hesitate to check out Villa Del Sol Apartments. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!!!

Tyson B., Resident at Magnolia Terrace Apartments

Precious is the property manager of Magnolia Terrace Apartments in Lakeside, CA. I have been living here for only a short amount of time (roughly 2-3 mo.) and Precious has been nothing but helpful. This was my first apartment by myself and there were some concerns I’ve had over the last couple of months and Precious has been very helpful throughout my tenancy.

Precious responds to her email so quickly it really feels like she genuinely feels when her tenants have a legitimate concern. Just a few weeks ago I had a shipping fiasco with my new wheels and tires and Precious saw the man delivering them and had them delivered for safe-keeping in the office. I picked them up around an hour after they were dropped off and they were still under her care, completely safe.

Jeannette L., Resident at The Village Apartments

I currently live at The Village Apartments managed by Torrey Pines Property Management and I must say they are the best. I moved in to the complex in 2004. I moved into the studio apartment that I absolutely loved and upgraded to a 1 bedroom apartment overlooking the pool area and La Mesa. The management (Maureena is the best and sweetest manager) and maintenance crew are awesome and very friendly (Dale rocks at fixing things fast). They are on top of any issue that may arise and don’t give you the run around. I left for a year and ended up moving back into a 2 bedroom apartment, that is more than spacious and comfortable. I recommend these apartments and property management to anyone who is looking for a clean, quiet, family oriented area.

L.M., RESIDENT at Trade Winds

I lived at Trade Winds Apartments for over a year but unfortunately I had to leave because of personal family illness. Julie and Kelly were very accommodation and amazing with all the help and understanding of my situation. It was very overwhelming and stressful and they helped me tremendously to make sure I was able to focus more on my family then relocating to another state in such a short time. I loved the quiet apartment and the neighbors are always friendly asking if I need help with things while moving in and out. I wish things were different because I liked the area. I appreciated all the help and assistance from Julie and Kelly.

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